Paper Submission

ASEI2016 invites authors to submit manuscripts written in English. All papers must be written in strict accordance with the format. Please submit manuscripts written in MS Word. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by experts in the field based on originality, significance, quality and clarity.



投稿系统(Submission System)

1. 投稿时必须标注通讯作者电话,EasyChair投稿标注电话方法如下:在New Submission投稿界面“Title (*):”后面文本框中一律按照“通讯作者手机号-投稿方向-文章题目”格式填写。如下图:"13688888888--计算机建模投稿-Research on .......",凡是不注明通讯作者手机号者一律不审稿
2.如果论文被录用,会务组统一通过会务组唯一信箱 发送论文录用通知,请注意及时查收。
ASEI2016 会务组联系方式:
TEL: (86)010-5618*6836   136-8150-8753


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